Sustainability Policy



As a leading and global company, headquartered in Istanbul, we provide high-quality products and services in any activity we partake in.


We carry out our business with a corporate management approach that is transparent and accountable and contributes to the vision of sustainable growth.


We value stakeholder participation. Our comprehensive strategy takes account of stakeholder expectations, lowers risks and helps us establish long-lasting and permanent relationships.


In addition to ensuring the health and safety of our employees, who are our foremost stakeholders, we provide them with a fair and participatory working environment and invest in their development.


We support measures against climate change and take care to protect natural resources.

We contribute to the development and welfare of the countries in which we execute our projects; we ensure our credibility by prioritizing occupational health and safety, quality and cost efficiency.


We provide employment to thousands of people in geography we operate and help local economies flourish. By meeting regional needs, we contribute in local socio-economic development.


In all regions where we undertake work, we respect human rights, oppose all forms of discrimination, promote equality of opportunity and expect our business partners to be just as sensitive.


We measure and assess the environmental and social impact of our activities. We improve processes in place to reduce negative impact.


We support the development of future generations by investing in education, sports, arts and culture.

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